One Square Mile

Several Barrow hotels have come and gone since we opened our doors in 1998. King Eider Inn has been fortunate enough to keep things going since then and are proud to be a part of the community here.

For the folks that can't make their way up to the North Slope and experience Barrow for themselves, here is one of our favorite short documentaries about Barrow. "One Square Mile" offers an intimate perspective of our town and highlights the people who reside here.

Barrow is a community that's resilient, family-oriented, and close-knit. We look out for one another and do not let the unforgiving weather keep us from marching forth and living meaningful lives.

People ask us what it's like to live here. At least from the perspective of our hotel, the best way to describe it is with one word: cozy. With the diverse amount of visitors that Barrow gets year round, we are proud to be one of the premiere hotels in Barrow. Whether a visitor needs a Barrow car rental or are looking for Barrow hotels, we are here to serve the community's needs.

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