Preparing for a Trip to Barrow

Traveling to Barrow is a unique experience and one that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. Those that know a bit about Alaska know that, although it can make for quite an adventure, you must also be prepared for the unique lifestyle, extreme temperatures and unusual daylight schedules.

While these all these will definitely take some amount of getting used to during your trip, there are ways to deal with these changes and have a great time while adjusting to the Barrow way of life. Here are some things you should prepare for to make your trip as pleasant as possible.


Unusual Daylight Schedule: If you are traveling to Barrow, you will definitely have to be prepared for the unusual daylight schedule. The sun sets on November 18 and doesn’t reappear until January 23. Even though this is a difficult adjustment to make, it helps to make the 80+ days of uninterrupted daylight all the more worth it.

To help you deal with these schedules, plan to sleep with blackout curtains in times of continuous sunlight. When skies are dark, be sure to get the necessary amount of Vitamin D wherever you can. Supplements and ultraviolet lamps are good sources. Winter is also a great time for catching up on hobbies and the stargazing just can’t be beat!


The Extreme Temperatures: There is no doubt that Barrow can get awfully cold, but with the proper gear you can make it through just about anything. Practicality comes first in this city so fashion victims might find the adjustment difficult, but it will be well worth losing those high heeled sandals in order to stay warm and dry!


Embracing the Pioneer Spirit: Although those who live in Barrow don’t need to hunt or go without wifi, many of them do it anyway. They enjoy doing their own hunting and fishing and will often have chicken coops in their backyard.

And if that doesn’t give new meaning to the phrase ‘at one with nature’ seeing a moose or bear cross your path or hanging out in your front yard just might! Be sure to be prepared and familiar with the nature of these animals as a moose can be dangerous when provoked. Bear spray can be a handy item to have on your person as well.

Loving Barrow: Despite the adjustments that need to be made when visiting, Barrow is a beautiful city that is full of scenic views, friendly faces and a native culture that lives on and is encouraged in modern times. All this makes the adjustments worth the trip.

Don’t let this unique way of living stop your from experiencing one of the most fulfilling adventures of your life – plan ahead to make your trip one you will cherish forever.

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