Restaurants in Barrow Alaska

If you are planning on visiting Barrow, you may be thinking about what your meal options might be. In a city that is known for hunting exotic animals, you might wonder what you can expect when you are looking to eat out. Well, there is definitely a native influence in dining options for more adventurous eaters, but, for the most part, you can find more familiar choices as well. Read on to find out more about what you can expect.


Northern Lights Restaurant:

Northern Lights offers an eclectic mix of a number of cuisines including Italian, American, Korean, Japanese and Chinese fusion. Apparently, the chef’s have enough versatility to pull off each dish rather well. Favorites include the pizza, the chicken bulgogi and the tofu dish. I hear monkey brains is on the menu as well!


Sam and Lee’s Restaurant:

Serving breakfast lunch and dinner, Sam and Lee’s is a popular option for Chinese food. Favorites include the egg drop soup, Mongolian beef and chicken chow mein. But it’s clear that what really takes the restaurant to the next level is Mrs. Lee whose winning personality and great service is well known among tourists and locals.

Subway: Yes, you can even find a Subway restaurant as far north as Barrow. The location first opened in 2017 an in attempt to bring healthy alternatives to fatty fast foods to the area. It was opened by local businessman John Masterson who is hoping that all the residents come out to experience an eatery that has been a mainstay of American culture for so many years.


Arctic Pizza:

Yes, you can find a number of good, old fashioned pizza places in Barrow as well. Arctic is rated as one of the best, and no, I don’t see whale as a popular topping. Portions are huge, prices are reasonable, and the top floor has a great view. Visitors should be warned that all food is made fresh so wait times may be long, especially if you are ordering anything other than pizza or calzones.

Liliana’s Fresh Bake and Cruz’s Mexican Grill:

Perhaps the northernmost Mexican restaurant in the world, don’t let the location fool you. The food is still high quality and reasonably priced. The menu is simple featuring choices like tamales, tacos, salads, burritos and quesadillas.

But what really makes this joint stand out is the desserts care of Liliana’s. Desserts are so rich, visitors are advised to eat no more than one or split if possible. Ice cream is also simple but flavorful. Note: this restaurant does not provide seating. It is take out only.

Note that Barrow is a small town and there are limited options for dining out. Food can also be pricey due to the lack of competition, but good reviews are overwhelming in both the service and quality of meals provided.

You can look forward to some great dining experiences when visiting. Bon appetit!

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